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What Our Customers Say

Discover the difference working with the team at Residential Improvements makes.

Cathy gave a poor review to my company. First of all my field representative gave her a price pending she was able to obtain financing. I, The owner went to her house and looked at the work scope and she mentioned to me she did not want to obtain the funding immediately due to the fact there was an up front $1,500.00 fee from the finance company. We never start an addition with out the funds being acquired by us into an escrow account (at least partial) or provable funds in a homeowners account. She told me she would not fund the loan until the job was done so she did not have to make a payment on the loan too early. Many times I have seen situations change for a home owner, or banking rules changed where a job is complete and then the home owner try's to get the loan but they become unqualified and the builder winds up not being able to acquire reimbursement for the investment in material and labor. She says stay away from us? I say she is not being honest. She also mentioned many things she wanted done that were discussed but not included in the lower price we gave her. She had a budget and we tried to meet it. She was told the town was not allowing the build, that is because I marked a big "Hold" sign on the folder, due to no funding. I did not see a way to make her happy so I with drew from the project. How is that bad? I took no money...I was the one that took time and effort to try to help her, she refused to get the banking until she felt like doing so. I did not want to argue so I just let it go. She said she had a less expensive option so I released her from the contract. My rep. made a mistake and thought the permit was turned down (based on the "Hold" I put on the folder) and I am sincerely sorry for that misunderstanding. We sent a certified letter to her explaining the reasons for us backing out. Her review was unfair and hurts my company a lot. She is not being 100% honest.
Andrew Branley
Andrew Branley
16:40 15 Dec 17
I had my big picture window in living room put in and my kitchen window. Harold and Tim did the work and were just amazing. Andy the owner is wonderful. I highly recommend them and would use them again. The Okna windows are the best.
Anita L
Anita L
15:24 23 Dec 17
These guys are amazing. From the sales guy to the workers, they all get 5 stars. We got new windows for our whole house. The workers are so fun, they aren't slackers, and the end result is beautiful! I highly recommend to everyone!
Heather Grieco
Heather Grieco
14:17 02 Oct 17
The folks at Residential Improvements did an awesome job. They were at the job site every day until the job was completed. Always responsive to any concerns or questions. Loving my new house, thank you Residential!
Gina Wood
Gina Wood
18:15 28 Sep 17